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24/7availability|99.9% uptime|high performance


host4u.ca does not offer domain name registration, but, we can refer you to other people that do.

HOST4U.CA's main goal is to provide shared hosting using reliable, dedicated and high performance web servers. If you are in need of supplemental services, visit our links section or send an e-mail to sales at host4u.ca (or write to us using the contacts page) and we will find someone that can answer your needs.


We offer 24/7 availability, 99.9% uptime (UPS and generator protection in case of power failures) , fast and reliable connection through an internal network that is directly connected to major Internet backbones.

Every new member is provided with a username and password to connect to HOST4U.CA's control panel web interface.

To view the system information your are logged on to, choose the "System Information" link from the "Advanced Features" menu.

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